'Nuts & Robbers' & The 'C' Project...

Ahh... the first of many. And what better subject to discuss than something that has made my year.

In late 2011, I heard news through social media that Belfast based Director, Marty Stalker (of Scattered Images) was embarking on a new ambitious project called the 'C' Project. He was accepting script submissions from local indie film-makers interested in building a strong portfolio of work. The four strongest screenplays would be selected for production alongside Marty and his production company.

I had been following Marty's work for a while before this and when I heard of his new project I know immediately that it was something I wanted to be involved in. For me it would provide essential hands on experience with bigger and better equipment that I never would have had access to otherwise. But most importantly, it would mean working with and learning from experienced industry creatives.

Marty and I on the shoot

I promptly started work on writing a fresh new screenplay. A comedic story that I had in mind and that I believed would bring something new to the table. A narrative following a clash of three thugs robbing a local convenient store at the same time.

When I had word that my script was selected. I was over the moon! And before I knew it we had started pre-production.

Marty was a joy to work with. He knows exactly what needs to happen to make the story work and he explains it perfectly to the finest detail. We added several things to the script to boost the narrative (including a small cameo from myself!) and discussed every last thing right down to the catering. (Thanks mum!) Following this, it was time to hunt down a cast capable of delivering the roles as we had imagined.

The cast prep for the next scene

The cast consisted of five local actors. Larry Cowan (an all round talented man with a easy-going personality), Chris Heath (a familiar face whom I had worked with many times before and a dear friend of mine), Denis Halligan (a gifted, aspiring actor making his way through college), Derek Halligan (an actor with a very impressive portfolio) and Lewis Malseed (a young child actor with bundles of talent and good spirit.)

With alot of extensive preparations for the shoot, we were well on our way to producing something great. I was blown away by the natural comedic timing and performance of the cast, thrilled with the knowledge I had gained from Directing alongside Marty and so surprised at how much fun we had in the process.

On set

 When the film was complete. It was given a premiere screening at the Odeon cinema in Belfast alongside the other 'C' Project films. There was a huge turn-out and it's safe to say my nerves were kicking in. But then came the laughter from the audience and with it, my sweet relief. I was ecstatic at the response from the audience. It was a really great feeling to have your work appreciated and on the big screen!

I highly recommend any film-makers with a passion for what they do, to get involved with this project. I have gained so much and am so grateful for those who gave me the opportunity to do so.

Massive thank you to everyone involved! And I hope we stay in touch and work together again soon.

Over and out


A film by Aidan Gault & Marty Stalker
Originally written by Aidan Gault.
Screenplay by Aidan Gault & Marty Stalker
Camera by Leo McGuigan
Sound by Conall McLean
Sound Design by Andrew McAllister
Props by Jim Sherrard

BTS Photography by Chris Huston

Derek Halligan
Larry Cowan
Chris Heath
Denis Halligan
Lewis Malseed

Special thanks to Geradline Gault, Alex the shopkeeper, Visionworks Television, Talent Tribe and Jonathan Dunn

Marty's blog article on the Productionhttp://www.scatteredimages.co.uk/2012/03/20/short-film-nuts-robbers/

You can find the production company on Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/ScatteredImages

and Twitter http://twitter.com/ScatteredImages