2012 in a Nutshell


I'd like to use this brand spanking new post to reflect on the highlights of my 2012. If you're a follower, you'll already know the big ones, ie. :

  • Finishing my most ambitious film to date and graciously accepting it's successes, UNJUST
  • Getting the chance to work with Scattered Images and producing the much loved short, NUTS & ROBBERS

So what else happened that you may not have caught?

Well, 2012 got off to an exciting start when I managed to secure a small job on the set off BBC production "SOS: The Titanic Inquiry." I was a production Runner. Yeah, i know what you're thinking... Boring. But actually it wasn't because it was the first time that I got the chance to see film production on a grander scale. It was amazing! And also quite alien to me at the time. Most of the time I was asked to do something (on the snazzy walky talky radio system they had going on) I was running about like a headless chicken! It was cool working closely with the 3rd AD and the other runners, babysitting cast, fetching breakfasts and standing by on set while shooting. Meeting and chatting with the legend himself, Tim McGarry was a personal highlight. Doesn't sound that exciting, but even being there in that environment and getting invloved (even in small ways), I love it.

Cast of the BBC Drama

Another production worth mentioning is actually two that go hand in hand. Causeway Pictures series of teaser trailers for their future productions, DEADLOCKED & Vampires VS Leprechauns. Both feature films are trusting to be amazing displays of Visual FX and dramatic storytelling. I was asked to work on DEADLOCKED alongside Director Marty Stalker. It was a small and very indie shoot so I ended up doing little bits of everything from assisting special effects genius Ciaran Larkin (from "I Make Anything"), contributing to the camera department and I my legs even got a cameo in the trailer! (you'll see when you watch) In the very early hours of the morning we shot in the center of Belfast city's main street. As cold and dark as it was, morale was high among cast & crew. Everyone was kind and an absolute joy to work with. Even the curious, observing, drunkards of Belfast were a bit of craic! What was great about this shoot was I got to see up close how Factory Pictures setup vital VFX shots with the use of green screen. Amazing how much you can learn simply by watching!

Vampires VS Leprechauns was an AMAZING production to work on. It was shot entirely in front of a green screen. I was fortunate enough to gain a role as Camera Op/DP's Assistant on this one. And I have to say, it was the first time I really felt needed another's set. I mean, I was always doing something. Whether it be setting up lights and other equipment, prepping camera 1 or shooting with Camera 2. It was an amazing day meeting new friendly faces and gaining some valuable experience using the 5D mkII with Carl Zeiss Compact Primes. Director Allan Gildea was a pleasure to work with and it was good learning from his effective approach to directing. All in all, great experience working with all involved in the Causeway Pictures Teaser Trailers.

Another spot of work I'd like to mention is when I got a Job on the set of the hit HBO T.V series Game of Thrones, shot in Belfast. Nothing special, I was a set dresser in the Props Department. But being massive GoT fan that I am, this was awesome! I got to see the remarkable, built sets of the fantasy in the Titanic quarters paint hall. I worked with some really nice people whom I hope to see myself working with again soon. Hopefully next Summer I'll secure a job in the Camera Department.

I'd like to also mention a project, that in my eyes is the turning point in Belfast Indie Film scene, To Lose Control. Written & Directed by local film-maker Marty Stalker, the film is proving to be a game-changer with its beautiful cinematography (all shot in N.Ireland), outstanding performances (from Chris Patrick Simpson & Maggie Cronin) and gripping war special effects. I'm fortunate enough to be working on the Behind The Scenes short Featurette with my good friend Jamie Doyle, from college. Getting an inside look on the production is truly fascinating and I cannot wait for the video to go live very soon!

Ofcourse, a big'n in 2012 was getting accepted into Film School and moving to Dublin. But that's quite a big fish to fry and I'd like to touch on it in another post soon to come!

So that's all for now... as far as I can recall of last year.
I'll leave you with some photography highlights that I shot in 2012.

Happy New Year!