DG Films and More News

I haven't written a blog post in quite a while. But only because I've been keeping very busy!
So many exciting new projects to tell you all about; so where to start?

I suppose I kicked start this year by teaming up with my friend Jamie Doyle from the National Film School. He and I both agreed that the best way of gaining experience was to go out and get it yourself. I've applied to many crew calls from large scale productions and all of them were a no go, not even an interview. It's either you know someone or you've no chance. (or so it seems)

So DG Films was born. We offer a professional video production service to those in need of it.

Our first gig was of a Wicklow rock band, "The Last Monroes." They were playing in Sweeney's bar in Dublin and what a great vibe there was that night. Crowd was pumping! Was a pleasure to cover the night, like a free concert!

Soon after came a big'n. Marty Stalker of Scattered Images from Belfast asked us to compile the Behind the Scenes footage for his new directorial pursuit, "To Lose Control." We also joined them for a pick-up shoot on Black Mountain, in the winter! (Freeeezing) All in all, it was a huge workflow to tackle, hours of footage edited down to a ten minute video showing the production in it's best light.

Another project worth a mention happened totally on a whim. Whilst working in Belfast, Jamie and I came across a talented voice echoing down the cold streets of Belfast. To our musical satisfaction we came across local busker Ricky McQuillan and it just so happened we had our equipment handy. Thus was born this gem of a video.

A local wedding dress designer contacted us about a promotion for her business. Myself and Jamie were happy to oblige. I enjoyed shooting in the beautiful location of the Waterfront Hall in Belfast, looking out over the Lagan river. You'll see what I mean in the video!

Currently we are in post-production of a new project. A short film collaboration with some very talented people. The screenplay is the brainchild of TV writer, Lisa McGee (Raw, Being Human, Totally Frank etc.) We were asked to shoot and edit the film. Production took place over two very warm days in the heart of Dublin. It will be hitting the festival circuit and possibly available online soon.
Behind the scenes photo's of the production can be viewed here.

We are keen to keep busy and are happy to consider any project regardless of scale. So get in touch!

Email: info.dgfilms@gmail.com

Once again, thanks for reading.
More to come including a post of insight on my latest project "No Hope."
So look out for it!