PrizeFight Whiskey - Bond of Enemies (Commercial)

"I Love You" - Earl (Music Video)

Lucozade Sport - Made To Move (Commercial)

"Maps" - Freya Ridings (Music Video)

GAA - It's In Us All (Commercial)

Skunky Dog (Short Film)

Sasha of the Sea (Short Film)

El Freak (Short Film)

Grace & Goliath (Feature)

Farr (RTE Web Series)

Gone (Short Film)

Woodies - Reverie (Commercial)

"The Way Back" - Funeral Suits (Music Video)

Homestore + More - Little Differences (Commercial)

Cari (Commercial)

“Summer of Love” - Loah & Bantum (Music Video)

“Stitches” - Mariah Wester (Music Video)

Dive (Feature Film)

Shine a Light (Commercial)

"Days Like These" (Music Video)

Time & Again (Short Film)